Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Congress Adjourns With Populist Victories


By Rev. Ted Pike
16 Aug 10

Democrats departed Congress last week empty-handed of passage of two of the highest priority items on the Obama “hate crimes” wish list: The Employment Non-Discrimination Act and repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy towards homosexuals. ENDA would have forced employers to hire and not fire homosexuals, forcing businesses to allow male employees “transitioning” into women access to female restroom facilities. DADT repeal would empower homosexuals in the military to boldly proclaim their sexual orientation and, if “married,” have all the rights and benefits of heterosexual couples.

Liberal Democrats and the homosexual media have been intensely playing the “blame game” for these failures, criticizing prolonged healthcare debate, unfaithful Democrat leadership, lack of spirited homosexual activism, even Republican obstructionism. The truth is that both these bills have been brought forward much too late, much too close to expected voter backlash against Democrats in midterm elections. Put simply, Democrat leadership, fearing judgment in November, is very uncomfortable promoting them at this time.

Even the ever optimistic homosexual defender, Rep. Barney Frank is now apparently silent of hopes for an ENDA vote when Congress reconvenes in September. Sen. Carl Levin however, plans, with other Democrat leaders, for a fast DADT repeal vote in the Senate next month. However, if Democrat leadership could not make priority of such a vote during the last several weeks, it will be even less to its advantage to do so in the fall, with voter revenge only weeks away.

Clearly, unless we see Democrat triumph in November, ENDA is dead. DADT repeal may be dying but could revive.

It is still a good idea to remind your members of Congress not to vote for it. In fact, it may become urgently necessary in mid-September to bombard Congress with objections. NPN will keep you posted.

But for the moment, there can be little doubt that the momentum behind these very aggressive, controversial, pro-homosexual bills has largely declined. If both are vanquished, it will increase to four defeated hate and bias crimes bills inspired by the Anti-Defamation League in this Congress. ADL’s cyber-bullying bill “The Megan Meier Cyber-bullying Prevention Act,” H.R. 6123, was defeated in the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime this spring. It would have made a federal hate criminal of any student, teacher, even parent whose criticism of a homosexual student caused “emotional distress” sufficient to disincline them to attend a student function. ADL’s similar “AWARE Act” (Adolescent Web Awareness Requires Education), H.R. 3630, companion to the cyber-bullying bill, authorized a pervasive, homosexual-friendly educational program in all public schools in America from kindergarten through college. It was defeated at the same hearing.

Despite widespread publicity and analysis by NPN, leadership of the Christian/conservative Right did not alert against these two very dangerous anti-family bills. There was a simple reason: all “cyber-bullying” legislation is so conspicuously generated by ADL that they were afraid to attack the legislative agenda of a venerable Jewish “civil liberties” group and risk being called “anti-Semitic.” The National Prayer Network galvanized heavy calling to House Judiciary Republicans, forewarning and energizing Rep. Louis Gohmert to summon expert witnesses. After hearing their augmentation, even Democrat committee chairman Bobby Scott and ADL's own star witness had to agree that the cyber-bullying bill lacked Constitutional merit (See, Cyberbullying Hearing Goes Badly for Liberals! and Media Mocks Cyberbullying Bill.)

Although the Right suffered crushing defeats by passage of the economic stimulus bill, the healthcare reform bill, and the federal hate crimes bill, the possible defeat of four ADL hate bills should provide renewed optimism and energy to all lovers of freedom. Now more than ever, the familiar defeatist whine that “there is nothing we can do” or that “there’s not a nickel’s worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans - vote all the bums out!” has become prehistoric. Despite liberals in the Republican Party, the majority of Republicans stood firm against most of the Obama legislative agenda in this Congress. With rare exceptions, all Democrats supported it. Possible defeat of four major hate crimes bills, largely made possible by Republicans, affirms the general advantage of electing Republicans rather than Democrats. It also proves that vigorous use of the legislative process, rejecting fatalism or even violent revolution, is still the best mechanism for political renewal.

Let lovers of freedom pause and savor these victories. Then take revenge where it properly should occur, against Democrats in the polling places in November!

Farah Blasts ADL (Kind Of)


By Rev. Ted Pike
10 Aug 10

As Orthodox rabbis Daniel Lapin and Nachum Shifren testify, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League is in relentless attack against Christian conservatives. ADL attempts to foment persecution of Christians through their “anti-hate” laws and claims that Bible believers are “anti-Semitic”. (See, The ADL vs. Faith and Freedom and Rabbi Lapin: Christians Under 'Relentless Attack' by 'Secular Judaism') WorldNetDaily owner Joseph Farah is increasingly aware of this assault. He recently wrote that ADL is “busy persecuting people like me” who question the legitimacy of the Obama presidency and stand for traditional American values.

Unfortunately, Farah doesn’t defend himself with the whole truth. Instead of exposing Jewish supremacy’s agenda, he seeks to outdo the zeal of the League itself in defaming those who criticize Israel! His recent article claims in effect, “ADL, I’m no threat. I’m even more against anti-Semites than you!”

Farah says ADL should be focusing on the Democrat party, where “anti-Semitic” words about Jewish donor money recently leaked from Rep. Mike McMahon’s office. McMahon implied—as almost everybody on the Hill knows—that massive donations from wealthy Jews guarantee unconditional support of Israel from members of Congress who receive it. (Jews, 2% of the American population, supply 60% of campaign contributions to the Democrat party; 20 to 35 percent of contributions to the Republican party.) (Jewish Power Campaign Contributions, www.occidentaldissent.com)

ADL immediately demanded an apology from McMahon and, as quickly, received it. Yet Farah is disgusted with ADL’s mercy. He would have preferred even more browbeating, forcing McMahon to grovel. Instead of siding with the whole truth, Farah seeks shelter in the unconditional philo-Semitism with which the religious right is so comfortable.

But there is a death trap in such appeasement. If there is growing “anti-Semitism” among Democrats, it comes from mounting and correct moral outrage at Israel’s misbehavior, especially in Gaza. Today, the Zionist lobby must increasingly rely on Republicans and conservatives who will accept Jewish funds in exchange for blind support of Israel. Zionist “hush money” buys favors, protection and endorsement for a foreign power with a sordid history of human rights violations and war crimes. It has flouted international law for more than 60 years and criminalized the very Christian evangelism so important to the religious right.

It borders on treason for any member of our government to allow their foreign policy decisions to be affected by receipt of money from Zionist interests. Such politicians become de facto agents of Israel, violating the 1937 Foreign Agents Registration Act which requires all lobbyists for a foreign power to declare themselves. Tragically, the honorable choice—refusing to receive such contributions and swear implicit fealty to Israel—may incur the anger of many wealthy Jewish donors and the all-powerful lobby. Ex-House members such as Paul Findlay, Pete McClosky, and John Rarrick are victims of such Jewish vengeance.

Yet Farah and so many conservatives—bound by a false interpretation of God’s blessing on the Jews, and a deep fear of their increasing power and vindictiveness—choose appeasement over truth. Instead of criticizing the evils of the lobby and the Jewish state, they rush to be its most zealous defenders.

Farah blusters about McMahon: “Where is the ADL? Where are those supposedly dedicated to fighting anti-Jewish bigotry?” He says “the most vicious forms of anti-Semitism are alive and well in America today inside the Democratic party – inside the hearts and minds like McMahon. It’s disgusting, revolting, insidious… McMahon should be viewed from this day forward as a fringe lunatic unworthy of anyone’s consideration for a return to the House of Representatives…. Meanwhile, I’m putting the ADL on a notice that it had better get its act together.” Farah perfectly agrees with ADL that Jews should be shielded from scrutiny and disclosure in the political process to a degree not afforded others. Farah agrees with ADL thought police that even the mildest “bias” or unflattering truthtelling relative to Jews is very, very bad. Farah’s demand that McMahon be exiled to political oblivion reveals that he considers even-handed criticism of matters Jewish to be on a par with child-molestation.

Will such rabid anti-anti-Semitism shield Farah or other conservatives from the deadly fangs of ADL? No.
Farah is correct that ADL is out to get him—as he said last November, “the ADL is after me and my news organization.”

Despite his record as an inveterate boot-licker of Israel and the Jewish lobby, Farah has mortally offended ADL too many times. For the past five years, he has boldly opposed ADL’s hate crimes laws, publicizing their abuses in Canada and throughout the world. He consistently exposes persecution of Christians in America by Jewish attack groups including the Southern Poverty Law Center and ACLU. He castigates the (largely Jewish-dominated) abortion industry as well as Planned Parenthood. ADL considers this unforgivable; WorldNetDaily must be destroyed. You can be sure the League is already alienating WND advertisers and amassing an extensive dossier of information about Farah.

What can save Farah and other conservatives? Affirmations of support for Israel and Jews, surpassing even ADL in its hate for “anti-Semitism?” Hardly. Farah must do something he has evidently never done before: trust only in God and the whole truth. He must open his mind to the fact that all the greatest Hebrew prophets, including Christ, severely criticized evil Jews and were not anti-Semitic. God delights in those who speak the whole truth, especially to the lost house of Israel. Scripture prophesies the eventual redemption of a repentant Jewish remnant out of unbelieving Jewry. If Farah continues to dishonor God and his readers with half-truths and outright lies, not only ADL will despise him. God will have contempt for him and abandon him to his enemies.

I’m glad Farah wrote his recent article. It is progress since it mentions the terror-inspiring word “ADL” eight times. That’s eight times more than any other conservative leaders have had the nerve to utter it. Maybe soon another leader of the religious right will be encouraged by Farah’s sputtering, misfiring, self-protective article. Maybe he will muster courage to actually aim at the target.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Are Jews Today Guilty of the Crucifixion?

By Rev. Ted Pike5 Aug 10 

Abraham Foxman, of the Anti-Defamation League, recently pronounced that acceptance of the New Testament record that the Jews had Christ killed is “anti-Semitic.” This implicates tens of millions of Bible-believing Christians worldwide. With ADL’s charge comes the necessity, especially for Christians, to reexamine the issue of who is to blame for the crucifixion.

Scripture teaches no one is guilty for the sins of another. We all enter the world innocent of the misdeeds of our parents. This includes every Jewish child.

Yet the Bible also teaches we can become guilty of the sin of another by sympathy with it. Christ said the Pharisees were guilty of the murder of Abel and all righteous blood from the beginning of the world. (Mat. 23:35) Why? Because the Pharisees persecuted righteousness. Had they been present in the time of Abel, they would have murdered Abel. Thus, according to Christ, it is possible to become spiritually guilty of a sin, such as murder or adultery, even without physically committing the act. The will is there. All that is lacking is the opportunity.

Modern or rabbinic Judaism is a product of those very Pharisees whom Christ excoriated, and who ultimately had Him crucified. The authoritative Universal Jewish Encyclopedia explains:
"The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent without a break through all the centuries from the Pharisees. Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a great deal is still in existence.. The Talmud is the largest and most important single piece of that literature.." The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Article on "Pharisaism," p. 474
If a Jewish child is born into an Orthodox Jewish family, he innocently enters a religious system entirely obedient to those who masterminded the crucifixion of Jesus. The Pharisees and their vast, rambling "anti-bible", the Talmud, possess greater authority for religious Jews than does the Old Testament. As the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia confirms: "Thus the ultimate authority for Orthodoxy is the Babylonian Talmud. The Bible itself ranks second to it in reality, if not in theory." Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, "Authority" p. 637.

What does the Talmud teach about Jesus? It says He seduced and deceived the people. Git.56b-57a. He was a bastard, his mother Mary being a whore. San.106b. He practiced sorcery and enticed His race to apostasy. San.43a. He was a fool. San.67a. He was stoned, burned, decapitated and strangled in His death. San. 106b, Git.57a. He was excommunicated for the thought of seducing a woman and in His shame fell down and worshipped a brick. San.107b. He is now in hell, languishing in boiling hot semen. Git.56a. The Talmud is emphatic that it was necessary to kill Jesus because He was "one of the three worst enemies of Judaism." Git.56a. He was a false prophet who seduced and deceived the people. Git.56b-57a.

Is the modern Jew guilty of the death of Christ? The answer is simple. If he agrees with the Talmud that the Pharisees did the right thing by having Jesus crucified, then that Jew today is as guilty as the Jewish mob that sided with the Pharisees 2,000 years ago, shouting "Crucify Him, crucify Him." Mk. 15:13. If, however, the modern Jew disassociates himself from loyalty to the Pharisees and their claims against Christ, then he is free from any guilt.

The New Testament Gospels present in clearest terms successful efforts by the Pharisees to persuade the Romans to crucify Christ. In the Book of Acts, the disciples, in face to face rebuke of the Pharisees, insistently identify them as the culprits: "The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom you had put to death by hanging Him on the cross." Acts 5:30; cf. Acts 2:22, 36; 3:13-15; 4:10.

Unfortunately, amid the shock waves of Mel Gibson's "Passion," many evangelical Christian leaders rushed forward to absolve all Jews of any spiritual guilt concerning the crucifixion. They declared, as many evangelicals believe, that we are all guilty of the crucifixion. The idea of "corporate guilt" for Christ's death is unknown to Scripture. While we "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" (Rom. 3:23), we have not all crucified Jesus. Such pandering not only makes God's law of none effect, it attempts to free the Jews from a burden of guilt they themselves invited. To hasten the crucifixion of Christ, the Jewish leaders said, "His blood be upon us and upon our children." Mk. 27:25. All adult Jews who still support the Pharisaic system which crucified Christ are thus linked in spiritual guilt with those who actively accomplished the act.

Of course, anyone, such as a gentile Satanist, who approves of the crucifixion, or a Christian who becomes apostate (Heb. 6:6), is spiritually guilty of crucifying Christ. Rabbinic Judaism however, because it constitutes the "synagogue of Satan" (Rev. 2:9) uniquely incurs blame for Christ's death upon all Jews who give themselves to it.

During the past century, Jewish apologists, for purposes of ecumenical harmony with Christians, have referred to Jesus in such terms as "a great teacher." Such a description is found nowhere in rabbinic Judaism's most sacred repository of authority, the Babylonian Talmud. Rabbinic Judaism, despite efforts to whitewash it, remains of all great religions (including Islam) the most vehemently opposed to the claims of Christ. To be a religious, observant Jew is to embrace the Talmud and its blasphemous opinion of Christ.

Someday, the Bible teaches, a remnant of Jews out of the Great Tribulation will believe on the One their fathers crucified. Yet for the present, the church must heed Christ's warning to "Beware of the leaven (teaching) of the Pharisees." Matt. 16:6. In other words: Beware of Judaism. Paul also warns the church, referring to unbelieving Jews as "enemies" (Rom. 11:28) "...who both killed the Lord Jesus and prophets, and drove us out. They are not pleasing to God, but hostile to all men." I Thess. 2:15

The Jews were given transcendent spiritual light, first at Sinai, and then through their prophets. When they rejected that light, they were plunged into incredible darkness. While individual Jews may not necessarily be held guilty of such apostasy, the fact is Jewish leadership and institutions remain formidably opposed to Christianity. Moses warned the Jews that if they rejected God's law, they would be cursed above all nations. Deut. 28:15. They not only rejected God's law, but crucified its giver, Jesus Christ. Christ said that the House of Israel, after its rejection of Him, would be left desolate. Lk.13:35.

Today, no evangelical leader has the privilege of removing guilt from Jews who still reject their Messiah and embrace the teaching of His murderers. Christ has both a long-standing love-affair and quarrel with the Jewish nation. He will settle that quarrel some day on His own terms, at last obtaining faith, obedience, and righteousness from what scripture repeatedly describes as a "stiff-necked people."

Such a people now control Hollywood and America's media. They dominate Congress. They dictate America's foreign policy in the Middle East. They are the fountainhead of anti-Christian activity and legislation, including so-called "anti-hate" laws which strip Christians of free speech. In short, they are more determined than ever that Christ will never prevail. Yet in the end, Christ will have righteousness from His people, the Jews. "They will look on Him whom they pierced and they will mourn ... as one mourns for an only son." Zech. 12:10.

How ADL Wants to Outlaw Christians

By Rev. Ted Pike
2 Aug 10 

Few familiar with the 97 year history of the Anti-Defamation League would deny its ambition to destroy the Christian/conservative right. ADL’s first great step was passing its federal hate crimes law last fall. The next stage was indicated last week by national director Abe Foxman. He said 80 million Americans are “anti-Semitic”—40 million “seriously infected” and 40 million “mildly” so.

What is Foxman’s reason for ensnaring so many in such a preposterously wide net? He is spinning a mythology that anti-Semitism in America is a “serious national problem”—one, like the “epidemic” of hate crimes, to be met with federal legislation.

Foxman is moving us toward a federal “anti-Semitism” law - probably under the expanded jurisdiction of ADL's Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act. If Foxman has his way, it could become a federal hate crime to engage in speech he considers anti-Semitic: alleging Jews have too much power in government, finance, or media, as well as voicing "strong" criticism of Israel. It would also include the New Testament claim that Jews killed Christ.

To understand the future, know the past. Over the last 25 years, ADL has persuaded liberals that hate crimes had indeed escalated to the point of crisis—a crisis that only a federal hate law could cope with. ADL thinks big—the bigger the lie, the bolder ADL states it as fact.

But ADL does more than distort facts. It turns upside down the most fundamental terms and values that govern civilization.

In 1988, ADL sponsored a national competition to create a model anti-hate law for America. At the time, few outside Canada and Sweden had ever heard of a “hate crime.” From the beginning, ADL lassoed its conceptual hate crimes noose around the largest number of people. It redefined a characteristic we all possess for good or bad: “bias.” ADL blackened the reputation of all bias (except bias against Christian/conservative values). ADL made bias equivalent to “hate.” It then relentlessly conditioned police, educators, the media, etc., that prejudice and intolerance (i.e., hate) were so evil, especially when motivating a crime, that a biased criminal act should be punished with at least triple penalties.

Quantifying “Hate”

But did hate crimes of the magnitude ADL claims really exist? No. ADL had to create its own hate crime reality. In 1990, it persuaded Congress to enact its Hate Crimes Statistics Act, empowering the federal government to require annual reporting of hate crimes from the states. ADL also instructed police in America on its twisted definitions, permitting them to report to the FBI as a “hate crime” any altercation, name-calling, or accusation which police believed was motivated by bias. As a result, ADL was able to “document” about 7500 hate crimes annually. At least 95 percent were never determined to be an actual crime in a court of law. Even when so ludicrously inflated, such “crimes” constitute 1/15 th of 1 percent of actual, documented annual crime in America.

Yet the sleight of hand worked. After sensitizing America to the threat of “hate,” and stacking up an annual 7500 “hate crimes,” ADL was able to dramatize the “epidemic” of hate enough to put President Obama’s signature on the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2010.

The federal hate law now exalts homosexuals, Jews, blacks, Muslims and women with preferential rights to federal hate crimes protection. The only reason the hate law has not been implemented with the kind of persecutive force felt in Canada, Sweden, and Australia is that the Christian/conservative right (very largely educated by the National Prayer Network over the past 20 years) has at last made hate laws an extremely volatile issue. Indeed, this issue could unseat Democrats in November. Nevertheless, ADL’s federal law pulsates in its potential to persecute Christians and conservatives as soon as the time is favorable.

ADL doesn’t want to wait. Ever proactive, ADL now wants the public to believe that the potential hate crime of anti-Semitism pervades America especially among Christians and conservatives. To this end, Foxman began his latest video with the biggest lie he could muster: that 45 years ago, one of three Americans was “seriously infected” with anti-Semitism. That’s nearly 65 million people! This incredibly audacious lie is to confirm ADL’s constant assertion that America has a long and stubborn history of Jew hatred residing in the "extremist" right - bigotry which ADL and its 45 state hate laws helped subdue. Foxman implies that with 80 million anti-Semites in America today, we must more than ever depend on ADL.

In 1965, when a third of Americans were supposedly anti-Semitic, I was a freshman in college. In my entire life to that time, outside of our family, I cannot remember hearing Israel or Jews criticized. Forty-five years ago, Israel was riding a titanic wave of popularity—practically the whole western world unconditionally cheered its “miraculous” rebirth. Israel was not criticized for its terrorist expropriation of 800,000 Palestinians in 1948 or any of its actions in the 1967 or 1973 wars against the Arabs. Except for its participation in the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacres in Lebanon, there was almost no worldwide criticism of Israel’s saturation bombing of 19,500 innocent refugees in southern Lebanon. Not until Sharon’s brutal invasion of the West Bank in 2002 did world opinion significantly rise against Israel. It has especially escalated since the 2009 siege of Gaza, and recently, its terrorist raid on the "Free Gaza" flotilla, killing nine activists.

In 1965, there did exist a small minority of opinion critical of Jewish supremacism, largely subsisting off earlier information provided by voices such as Winston Churchill, Charles Lindberg, Father Coughlin, Gerald L. K. Smith, and Elizabeth Dilling. The largest emerging anti-Zionist voice came fromLiberty Lobby out of Washington, DC. Yet such relatively underground dissent did not translate into any appreciable degree of popular criticism of Jews or Israel. Where does Foxman, then, get his figure of 1 in 3 Americans at that time being “seriously infected” with anti-Semitism? It comes from the same place he gets his assertion that 80 million Americans are Jew haters—his creativity as a liar. Such incredible prevarication springs from his desire to condition the American public that anti-Semitism, like hate crimes, is now a much greater national epidemic than anyone imagined. Foxman, a primary architect of the federal hate bill knows exactly what he is doing—what works.

With great forethought, he thus defines in his latest video that anti-Semitism is belief in the New Testament account that the Jews had Christ killed —implicating as anti-Semites all Bible-believing Christians worldwide. Foxman claims that, from the time of the church fathers, the charge that Jews were “Christ-killers” has been a homicidally destructive feature of Christianity. It, more than anything else, has provided fuel for the ovens of Dachau and Auschwitz. In his book, Never Again: The Threat of the New Anti-Semitism, Foxman says of European Christians what he largely still believes about many Bible-believing Christians today: “...the political and social atmosphere in which the persecution and killing of millions of Jews could be seen as broadly acceptable could not have existed without the tacit acceptance of the Christian churches, as well as the ingrained anti-Semitism of 20 centuries of dogma, doctrine and preaching that demonized Jews.” He quotes Elie Wiesel, “…the killings could not have happened without the sins of millions of Christians, sins of commission as well as sins of omission.” (pg. 94)

Foxman contends that Christianity’s anti-Semitism is so intrinsic that belief in a literal interpretation of the New Testament remains a potent threat to the Jewish people. Thus, Christianity’s capacity to create more Holocausts won’t end until laws in every nation proscribe public proclamation of New Testament teaching, especially concerning the Jews. Such "anti-Semitism" includes Christian evangelism of Jews, which Foxman in his book says, "is inherently anti-Semitic in that it implicitly denigrates the value of Jewish belief." (pg. 138)

ADL: Anti-Semitism is a "Disease"

In Foxman’s latest video, he also insinuates that the 80 million Americans “infected” with anti-Semitism are victims of a disease. This suggests that criticism of matters Jewish is a psychiatric disorder. Foxman’s Bolshevik forbearers confined critics of Jewish communists, not just to prisons, but psychiatric hospitals. Reputable Swedish evangelists testify that under Sweden’s ADL-inspired hate law, just criticizing Jews or Israel can land you in a psychiatric hospital for up to a year of drug rehabilitation—even before trial!

I had hoped the power of the evangelical right could thwart the momentum of ADL’s federal hate law. It couldn’t—very largely because leaders of the New Right knew ADL was behind hate laws and feared being called “anti-Semitic” by criticizing a venerable Jewish “civil liberties” organization. Their fear of ADL still exceeds their fear of a Christian-persecuting Gestapo – and, I believe, their fear of a God who commands they speak the whole, undiminished truth.

ADL is now in stage two, encircling the religious right with its “noose” of accusation, negatively stereotyping Bible-believers as those who portray Jews as “Christ-killers.” Will Christian/conservative leaders still refuse to publicly acknowledge ADL’s threat to the survival of Christianity? Probably. As ADL pushes for punishment of anti-Semitism under the present federal hate law, it knows Evangelical leaders will never want to seem to be in favor of anti-Semitism by opposing such inclusion. Far from exposing and resisting ADL such leaders will doubtless continue to respond to ADL in a way that delights it and is crucial to its ultimate success.

They give ADL what it wants most from them: silence.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ADL: 80 Million Americans "Anti-Semitic"


By Rev. Ted Pike
28 July 10

ADL director Abe Foxman says that 45 years ago one third of Americans were “seriously infected” with anti-Semitism. Now, he says, 12 to 14 percent are in that category. This, he contends, amounts to 40 million Americans.

However, there are another 40 million who are “mildly” infected. They believe, he says, that Jews are “too powerful in finance,” “control the government,” and “control Hollywood.” Such “mild” anti-Semitism, Foxman claims, includes the belief that “the Jews killed Christ.” (Watch the v ideo of Foxman's comments at ADL.org)
Who most conspicuously asserts that Jews killed Christ? Answer: at least 150 million Bible-believing Catholic, Orthodox, and evangelical Christians.

Who most conspicuously asserts that Jews control Hollywood and the US government? Answer: for the moment, veteran Hollywood insider and movie producer Oliver Stone. When asked by Britain's Sunday Times why so much emphasis has been placed on the Holocaust, Stone replied, “The Jewish domination of the media. There’s a major lobby in the United States. They are hard workers. They stay on top of every comment, the most powerful lobby in Washington. Israel has f****d up United States foreign policy for years.”

Here we see ADL making tens of millions of Americans anti-Semitic for simply accepting what Jews tell us about themselves. Many Jewish film historians and reference sources now document how Jews founded the Hollywood movie and Big Three TV industries. Neal Gabler in his classic An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood exhaustively chronicles such control. So does the prestigious Encyclopedia Judaica: “Thus, all the large Hollywood companies, with the exception of United Artists, were founded and controlled by Jews.” ("Motion Pictures," p. 449) The Judaica has separate articles detailing how David Sarnoff, William S. Paley, and Leonard Goldenson founded and controlled NBC, CBS, and ABC.

ADL’s main quarrel is not with anti-Semitism. It’s with reality. It’s with the fact that many people believe what the Jews say and repeat it on the internet, especially the Jewish accomplishment of attaining staggering control in media, government and finance. Such repetition of what Jews have told us, especially if spoken in a critical way, now becomes for ADL “virulent anti-Semitism.”

In ADL’s perfect world, Jews should be able to boast of their incredible emergence from persecution to dominance of the most influential sectors of society, and receive Gentile praise for that, without enduring suspicion or criticism.

To the delight of ADL, such utopia is now realized from tens of millions of evangelicals. Yet ADL, in its Department of Global Anti-Semitism in the US State Department, accuses evangelicals of “classic anti-Semitism” for believing the New Testament account that Jews had Christ killed. (See, Bible is Hate, Says U.S. Government). Nevertheless, "Israel-first" believers abhor any suspicion that ADL is conspiring against them. Believing that any criticism of a Jew will incur divine wrath, most evangelicals and their leaders are theologically sworn to silence against even mentioning the name “ADL” in public.

 ADL Masks Its True Intention

Foxman says that ADL’s role in helping pass Georgia’s anti-masking law in the 1950s seriously crippled the KKK because they could no longer promote hatred and bigotry anonymously. But the internet today, Foxman believes, is like the hoods of KKK bigots, allowing hate to flourish anonymously. His implication? Something like the masking law should be effected to end internet freedom to hate.

The problem, however, is that, like KKK masks, which had a hateful, possibly murderous intention behind them, ADL's "noose" of the charge of anti-Semitism placed around 80 million Americans, also has malevolent intent.

ADL is architect of the federal hate crimes law. It has a sordid record of inciting persecution of Christians who criticize abortion and homosexuality in countries like Canada.

ADL’s nooses are made to be tightened.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Criticize Israel, Bless Israel

You have probably heard that God will curse that man or nation who criticizes Israel. Yet in his latest article, Rev. Ted Pike demonstrates how 
constructive criticism of Israel (especially after Israel's attack on the Free Gaza flotilla) may be moving Israel in a more balanced, 
humane direction. 


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bravo, Rand Paul!

Part of the Tea Party agenda must include an end of granting special rights and privileges to minorities. 
In his latest article, Rev. Ted Pike encourages Rand Paul to stand firm toward this objective.