About Me

I'm Christina Elford, a student and fellow patriot from Gresham, Oregon. I'm passionate about finding, understanding, and proclaiming truth in this world. I believe that God, the Holy Spirit, and the Scriptures are the ultimate sources of truth, and it is to their guidance that I adhere.

Many call me idealistic: I beg to differ. I hold no ideals, except for those instituted and supported by Jesus Christ and those that trust in Him. Our country was founded by Christian men who wrote the Constitution based on God's authority and leading. Therefore, my "ideals" are those fought for by America's forefathers, and it is for freedom that I write and speak.

Freedom is the most important aspect of our Constitution, this country, and the saving message of Jesus Christ. America and the Constitution provide freedom of speech and equal opportunity rights, while Jesus' death on the cross provides freedom from sin, that we might be saved, freedom from guilt, that we might become holy and blameless, and freedom to choose Him, that we might have the victory of choosing to trust and obey Him in everything we do. Freedom is essential, and it's what I fight for!

I am a young, passionate woman who has nothing to hold on to except for Christ, and everything to give because He gives me so much. At the Lord's leading, I intend to finish a Bachelors degree in Communications. I love art, history, and especially the combination of the two. I love to be artistic and write poetry, play the piano, and blog about my life. I'll admit I have a fondness for Diet Coke and a weakness for frozen yogurt. I love colors and listening to classical music. Above all, I love to learn and understand and teach! I live my life, everyday, at the leading of the Holy Spirit, and find comfort in obeying Him and victory in trusting Him.

My main objective in this life is to glorify God in everything I do, by choosing, trusting, and obeying Him. I write not for my own gain, but to preserve the freedom and blessings He has bestowed on the country I live in, and on the world.

This is me: young, passionate, blessed, curious, and on a mission to preserve freedom and truth in my heart, my country, and my world.