Friday, May 7, 2010

ENDA: Prohibiting Discrimination?

    As Tea Partiers, our main objective is protecting our Consitutional rights. We make it our mission to preserve the principles our forefathers fought to establish. Yet today, our equal protection rights, constituted by the 14th amendment, are in danger. What am I talking about? ENDA, The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which is now in Congress. This shocking legislation will give preferential treatment to homosexuals and transgenders, under the noble banner of "ending discrimination in the workplace". 

    ENDA is a federal law that will invade State jurisdiction, thus disregarding the 10th Amendment, in order to prosecute these cases of workplace discrimination. Anyone who feels that an employer either fired them, or did not hire them, based on their sexual orientation or gender identity has the right to cry, "Discrimination!", and in come the feds with a court case against said employer.  ENDA will not only prohibit discrimination against homosexuals and transgenders; it will increase discrimination against employers and business owners who have the Consititutional right to decide who they fire and who they hire!

    ENDA would obviously be a legal disaster. But, perhaps most disturbing of all, is the "transgender provision" in section 8, titled Construction.  This clause says that within the workplace no one based on their "actual or perceived sexual identity" can be denied access to "shared shower and dressing facilities in which being seen unclothed is unavoidable". Any employee, and I quote, that "has undergone or is undergoing gender transition" must be allowed  access to the facilities of the gender identity they have chosen.

    This means that while a man is or will be "transitioning" genders, he must be legally allowed to have access to all facilities of his desired or perceived gender. So, according to ENDA, these men will have access to women's bathrooms, locker rooms, and shower facilities. Regardless of how far along they are in the process of gender transition, they will literally be entitled the legal right to shower alongside not just women, but children!

    Not only is this requirement morally and physically obscene, it greatly increases the risk of sexual assault!

    This insane feature of ENDA is undoubtedly its biggest liability. There are several Democratic Senators who are on the fence about this bill -- most likely because of the "transgender provision".

    ENDA will give preferential treatment to homosexuals and "transitioning" transgenders. We have to ask ourselves, do we want men in women's locker rooms? Moreover, do we want men in women's locker rooms... with our children? Think about it, will your wife or your child be safe at the gym, at swimming lessons, in PE class? If ENDA passes, we cannot be sure.

    It is crucial that we phone our members of Congress, as well as the 13 wavering Democrats who are still undecided, and let them know that ENDA cannot pass. ENDA is already on the floor of the Senate, so time is truly of the essence! Pick up your phone and call the Capital Hotline toll-free at 1-877-851-6437. Visit my Action page for a list of the Democrats that could swing the vote in our favor. Tell their staffers, "Please urge the Senator to vote against ENDA, S1584, because of the "transgender provision" in Section 8, that would allow "transitioning" men access to women's shower and restroom facilities! I will not forgive or forget the Democrats at midterms if this obscene legislation passes."

    For further information about ENDA and other hate-crime legislation, also visit the Action Page at The National Prayer Network's website, I have found this organization to be the most informative and active force in fighting for our Constitutional rights. 

    ENDA can be defeated if we rally our troops and work together. As patriots, we have a duty to protect freedom and equal opportunity not only for this generation, but the generations to come. Be a patriot for freedom and pick up your strongest weapon in fighting legislative evil: your telephone. They may have won the healthcare battle, but we can win this one! There is no time to waste. We Tea Partiers don't mess around with our freedom!